Strength, Speed and Agility Camp

  • When: June 12th-July 21st, 2017
    • First day check in at the front table on Bancroft entrance (East side entrance)
  • Where: Sentinel High School
    • 9-12: Auxiliary Gym
    • 6-8: Main Gym
  • Times:
    • 9-12: 7:30-10:00
    • 6-8: 8:30-10:30


A4K Speed and Agility Grades 9-12

A4K Speed and Agility Grades 6-8


The Road To Strength & Speed: 

The A4K Strength, Speed and Agility Camp is designed for student athletes of all ages with different athletic backgrounds who are pursuing was to gain an edge over the competition and take their athletic ability to the next level.  The A4K Strength, Speed & Agility Camp is modified to meet the physical needs of each individual athlete and structured to help kids build the foundation for a successful athletic career.

Strength Training

The Strength, Speed and Agility camp offers personalized workouts for those students entering grades 9-12.  Our emphasize with the younger students (grades 6-8) is to put them through body weight circuits in order to help them establish a solid foundation of movements that will be highlighted in the weight room. 

Speed and Agility

All athletes will receive the same speed and agility training with a focus on technique.  We feel that technique is imperative to the students’ success.  


We have implemented yoga to help the students with their strength, balance, flexibility, and mental focus. All students will take part in a weekly, one hour yoga session.


A4K Fitness Profile

The Speed and Agility Camp will address each of the following components in a challenging, fun, and safe environment: 

  1. Speed & Quickness Training
  2. Explosion & Muscular Fitness
  3. Balance & Flexibility
  4. Cardio Training
  5. Nutrition
  6. Beyond the Playing Field
  7. Rest 

A4K encourages each kid to elevate each of the fitness profile components to the highest level to develop confidence, mental toughness, and a winning mentality.  A4K’s research of the fitness profile components has brought about a unique curriculum that integrates all the components necessary to reach your full athletic potential.

*A4K’s goal is to help you do your best & forget the rest.