The A4K Scholarship Fund is dedicated to providing young athletes with the financial and educational resources they need for athletic participation. By donating to the A4K Scholarship fund, you can help young athletes achieve their goals. The A4K Scholarship fund accepts donations from both private and corporate donors.

Your donation will be used to provide scholarship grants to those who apply for scholarships through A4K. Young athletes will use the scholarships to offset the costs of athletic participation, including: school fees, equipment needs, practice/game uniforms, camps, etc. A scholarship donor has the unique opportunity to fund student-athlete scholarships and directly support a specific coach, team, and young athlete.

You Can Make A Difference

Two ways to support A4K Scholarships:
1. General Scholarship Fund – Any Amount
*Select which sport or position your scholarship goes to support.
2. Seasonal Scholarship – $150
*Fund one scholarship for one athlete for one season.
*Select which sport or position your scholarship goes to support