Understand what Athletics 4 Kids Is:

A4K is an organization whose primary objective is to provide opportunities to kids in local communities to participate in athletics free of charge. Athletics 4 Kids LLC will help build, construct, and consult a unique non-profit which has been granted 501 (c)(3) status. A4K is exempt from income tax and able to receive tax deductible charitable contributions.

Contact A4K:

Athletics 4 Kids LLC provides the necessary forms and information needed to establish a new A4K 501(c)(3) in your community.

Form a Board of Directors:

Forming a board requires thought and recruitment efforts. Each state has regulations that determine the minimum size of the board, typically three, but the optimum number of board members should be determined by the needs of the organization and community. Based on what your 501(c)(3)would like to accomplish, identify qualified individuals with special skills and qualities who are supportive of the A4K mission and are willing to demonstrate their talents and time.

Files Articles of Incorporation:

Athletics 4 Kids LLC provides the Articles of Incorporation, official statements of creation of our organization, and helps file with the appropriate governmental agency. The Articles of Incorporation are important because they protect both board and staff members from legal liabilities incurred by the A4K non-profit, making the 501(c)(3) the holder of debts and liabilities, not the individuals and officers working for the A4K non-profit. The specific requirements governing how to incorporate are determined by each state. You can obtain the information you need to proceed with this step from your state Attorney General’s office or your state Secretary’s office. Before you spend your money, at least consult with an attorney who is experienced in the area of nonprofit law so that you do not make one of the many major mistakes that people make when they try to incorporate by themselves.

Draft bylaws:

Athletics 4 Kids LLC provides the necessary bylaws anb strucuture for the 501(c)(3) in your community.

Develop a budget:

Athletics 4 Kids LLC provides consulting on this challenging task. A financial budget will be designed to achieve the objectives of A4K. A4K will start the budgeting process by looking at potential income.

Develop a record-keeping:

Legally, the Board of Directors of the 501(c)(3) must save all documents including minutes and financial statements. It is necessary to preserve the important organizational documents, including: board minutes, bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, financial reports, and other official records.

Athletics 4 Kids LLC will Help Provide the Following:

> Apply for a federal employer identification number

> File for 501(c)(3) status:

> File for state and local tax exemption:

> Fulfill charitable solicitation law requirements:

> Apply for nonprofit mailing permit:

> Help with consulting and establishing the Local 501(c)(3)