1) Initial Legal Consulting

Initial Legal Consulting: Begins with accessing legal counsel through the Non-Profit for the sole purpose of assisting members in providing the appropriate help. In the case of a member needing legal counsel a member can choose to contact an attorney from a list of legal counselors on retainer. Once contact is made the chosen attorney will assist in finding the appropriate legal advisor to fit the need of the member. If the member chooses he or she can follow the advice of initial consolation or find an attorney of their own choice. However, the Non-Profit will not pay for or provide legal assistance beyond the initial consulting that is available on request. It is the prerogative of the member to choose their own legal council from the outset of their legal issue. In addition, legal representation must be obtained and paid for by each member after the initial legal consulting has been administered.

2) Accounting (Returns, Income & Expense) Services

Accounting Services: Will be provided to affiliates in the form of income and expense tracking, receipt collection, individual account access, and end of the year tax returns. Non-Profit affiliates will have access to pooled member resources by request and approval of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer.

Every Non-Profit affiliate will have access to their own individual account (individual accounts will be money that is produced through self organized camps, donations, and / or fundraisers). Individual affiliate accounts will be set up for the sole purpose of the affiliate, and cannot be accessed by the Non-Profit without written consent of the Individual affiliate. Moreover, affiliates must contact the Officers of the Board to gain access to checks or check / debit cards for the purpose of accessing their individual accounts. Money that is fundraised, worked for, and or donated will be the exclusive rights of the individual affiliate who obtained the funds. However, these individual funds can only be spent on program needs and any purchase must be in compliance with the mission and philosophy of Athletics 4 Kids.

3) Insurance Provisions

Insurance Provisions: Will be accessed through A4K for the sole purpose of providing competitive rates for individual affiliate’s camps, practices, and or labor obtainment. Athletics 4 Kids will act as a middle man between the Non-Profit Affiliate(s) and the Insurance Market in order to provide the best possible rate and easy access to Liability and Workman’s Comp Insurance. In addition, A4K will be able to generate discounts by the number of policies purchased, and by paying down premiums for individual camp insurance. Insurance rates will be evaluated and flexible depending on the type of camp and sport an individual affiliate is inquiring about. Affiliates will be responsible for purchasing the insurance policy through their individual accounts or out of pocket resources. The Non-Profit is not providing resources to pay for any insurance policies for affiliates.

4) Fundraising

Fundraising: Will be a major benefit for every affiliate of the Non-Profit. Fundraising can be obtained by individual affiliates or as part of pooled Non-Profit resources. Every affiliate of the Non-Profit will be responsible for providing assistance for 2 or 3 Major Fundraisers. However, every affiliate is able to run their own fundraisers and keep those proceeds for their own individual accounts. The Non-Profit Fundraisers will be an administered by the Officers of the Board and executed by all the affiliates and their individual teams. Proceeds from these fundraisers will be deposited into pooled Non-Profit resources and can be accessed by request.

5) Nonprofit Consulting

Consulting: Will be provided by Athletics 4 Kids LLC to the Non-Profit. Consequently, the Non-Profit will be responsible for explaining and maintain services to individual Non-Profit affiliates. Consulting will be provided through a seminar or workshop setting for a total of 25 hours. Non-Profit founders will be responsible for travel and consulting costs as part of the Initial Consulting Seminar / Workshop. Consulting will be administered by A4K founding members / employees when necessary and with the appropriate Non-Profit personnel who will be responsible for establishing and running their local Non-Profit for the community they serve. Additional consulting will be provided if necessary for an hourly rate that will be paid for by the Non-Profit. After initial consulting has been administered the Non-Profit will communicate with the Athletics 4 Kids LLC founding members / employees through the Chief Executive Officer when appropriate.

6) Work 4 Play & Scholarships

Work 4 Play & Scholarships: Will be provided to individual athletes / kids who need money to pay for camps, travel expenses, or team uniform/equipment. Affiliates / Coaches will simply submit thier request for work 4 play opportunities to the local Non-Profit . Wages will be determined based on the job, salary structure, and employment contracts that are negotiated by the Non-Profit, affiliate, and consumer. Individual Non-Profit affiliates may set their own payment and salary structures for resources that are available in their individual accounts through fundraisers and camps that are administered by the affiliate.

Student / Athlete Work 4 Play Wages: In the case of student employment the salary structure below will be advised in order to provide an appropriate service and pay for liability and workman’s comp insurance. Money earned by students must be used for the purpose to pay for participation fees (or any fees related to paying to play), camps, tournaments, and / or scholarships.

Figure 8.0

Rates for Student work:

Type Work Hourly Charge
Lawn Mowing $30.00
Painting $30.00
Moving $15.00
Pulling Weeds $20.00
Cleaning (Barns, Garages, Storage Units) $20.00
Grocery Shopping $10.00
Car Washes $10.00 / car

7) Marketing

Marketing: Will provided for the purpose of promoting local Non-Profits. Marketing will be associated with getting the message and mission out about helping A4K provide opportunities for kids and communities to prosper through the avenue of sports and activities. Every Non-Profit will be provided a website and hosting for promoting the local non-profit. Initial Marketing of the website will be associated with the purchasing the EFM Operation Manual and will consist of 3 pages and web-hosting for one year. Any subsequent upgrades will be purchased by the Non-Profit. The Non-Profit will be responsible for helping affiliates promote thier individual needs.