Services and Benefits.

4) Fundraising

Fundraising: Will be a major benefit for every affiliate of the Non-Profit. Fundraising can be obtained by individual affiliates or as part of pooled Non-Profit resources. Every affiliate of the Non-Profit will be responsible for providing assistance for 2 or 3 Major Fundraisers. However, every affiliate is able to run their own fundraisers and keep those proceeds for their own individual accounts. The Non-Profit Fundraisers will be an administered by the Officers of the Board and executed by all the affiliates and their individual teams. Proceeds from these fundraisers will be deposited into pooled Non-Profit resources and can be accessed by request.

A4K Fundraisers

The heart and soul of any A4K non-profit is generating dollars to support students, educators, schools, and communities. A4K generates funding through major fundraisers which must be coordinated and run on an annual basis in order to stay in good standing with the Athletics 4 Kids LLC. Each affiliate of A4K non-profit agrees to participate, help and perform a duty for each of A4K fundraisers. In addition each member of the A4K non-profit can hold their own fundraiser to supplement their own individual group. Examples are, but not limited to include-camps, lift-a-thon, car washes, bake sales etc.