Services and Benefits.

5) Nonprofit Consulting

Consulting: Will be provided by Athletics 4 Kids LLC to the Non-Profit. Consequently, the Non-Profit will be responsible for explaining and maintain services to individual Non-Profit affiliates. Consulting will be provided through a seminar or workshop setting for a total of 25 hours. Non-Profit founders will be responsible for travel and consulting costs as part of the Initial Consulting Seminar / Workshop. Consulting will be administered by A4K founding members / employees when necessary and with the appropriate Non-Profit personnel who will be responsible for establishing and running their local Non-Profit for the community they serve. Additional consulting will be provided if necessary for an hourly rate that will be paid for by the Non-Profit. After initial consulting has been administered the Non-Profit will communicate with the Athletics 4 Kids LLC founding members / employees through the Chief Executive Officer when appropriate.