Services and Benefits.

6) Work 4 Play & Scholarships

Work 4 Play & Scholarships: Will be provided to individual athletes / kids who need money to pay for camps, travel expenses, or team uniform/equipment. Affiliates / Coaches will simply submit their request for work 4 play opportunities to the local Non-Profit . Wages will be determined based on the job, salary structure, and employment contracts that are negotiated by the Non-Profit, affiliate, and consumer. Individual Non-Profit affiliates may set their own payment and salary structures for resources that are available in their individual accounts through fundraisers and camps that are administered by the affiliate.

Student / Athlete Work 4 Play Wages: In the case of student employment the salary structure below will be advised in order to provide an appropriate service and pay for liability and workman’s comp insurance. Money earned by students must be used for the purpose to pay for participation fees (or any fees related to paying to play), camps, tournaments, and / or scholarships.

Figure 8.0

Rates for Student work:

Type Work Hourly Charge
Lawn Mowing $30.00
Painting $30.00
Moving $15.00
Pulling Weeds $20.00
Cleaning (Barns, Garages, Storage Units) $20.00
Grocery Shopping $10.00
Car Washes $10.00 / car