Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: What is an affiliate?

A: An affiliate is a coach, mentor, and/or parent who joins an A4K Non-Profit.

Q: Why would I want to Join?

A: Athletics 4 kids was created to provide valuable resources and protection for affiliates. If an affiliate is able to focus on coaching & mentoring… then kids win.

Q: What does a Non-Profit Provide an affiliate?

A: When a Non-Profit (501c3) is created (in a community) every affiliate has a home base to protect themselves and their resources. In addition, the Non-Profit can provide access to grants, donations, and pooled resources.

Q: Can an affiliate join a Non-Profit in a different community?

A: Absolutely! Any coach, parent, and/or mentor can access a Non-Profit in a different city (if there is not a A4K set up in your backyard) just by contacting the nearest A4K in your region and setting up an account.

Q: Can an affiliate still have access to their own hard earned money?

A: Yes! An affiliate still has the ability to have their own personal sub-account that is separate, but protected by the Non-Profit.

Q: Who runs the Non-Profit?

A: The Non-Profit is managed by a few motivated community members that are dedicated to providing opportunities for affiliates and kids.

Q: Where do Non-Profits go for help?

A: Athletics 4 Kids will provide every local Non-Profit with the intellectual property, appropriate resources, and support documents to manage a local community’s needs.

Q: Alright…How do I get started?

A: The process is simple. Contact us through this website; send an email to athletics4kids@a4k.com; and/or call (406) 360-2250 at any time and an account representative will respond within 24 hours.