History of A4K:

Athletics 4 Kids was born out of collaboration and desperation; out of success and failure; out of fear of losing. Just like most coaches the A4K founders were trying to find avenues to provide success for their current and future athletes. However, with the increased pressure of running unpaid and unfunded summer programs (without legal protection and adequate resources) the co-founders of A4K proceeded to make a positive change for the school community… and a paradigm shift was forged.

In order to sustain quality athletic programs A4K is dedicated to provide a plethora of services and benefits to maintain athletics in every community. There is no question that athletics (at all age levels) are linked to a better quality of life and better community involvement. Numerous studies have been performed and have proven that athletic participation has a profound effect on the development of America’s youth. There are three distinct areas in which athletics play a vital role in the development of young adults: (a) academic achievement, (b) social development, and (c) likelihood of enrollment in college.

A recent study done by Gary Overton (2001, Doctoral Student East Carolina) in collaboration with the North Carolina High School Athletic Association revealed significant differences between athletes and non-athletes in concern with academic achievement. The mean G.P.A. for athletes in the study was 2.98 (4.0 scale), while the G.P.A. for non-athletes was 2.17. A total of over 125,000 school students were included in the study.

Furthermore, budget cuts are becoming more and more prevalent in our society today. What effect does this have on our young children? Public education has been hit extremely hard in the past decade, in particular reducing the amount of non-mandatory programs. Extra-curricular activities are included in these non-mandatory programs – the importance of these programs must be taken into consideration. It is believed that extra-curricular activities play a crucial role in the educational process and development of the entire student. But how much, why, and how can communities continue to improve the educational process without providing the appropriate resources for athletics?

These were and are the tough questions that the founders of Athletics 4 Kids asked… and out of those discussions came the concept of providing Students, Educators, Schools, and Communities with the appropriate resources in order to maintain and improve athletic opportunities. The resources that will be provided to A4K affiliates are as follows (a) Initial Legal Consultation, (b) Accounting Services Consistent with Scope Disagreement, (c) Insurance Provisions, (d) Fundraising Opportunities, (e) Infrastructure, (f) Consulting, (g) Labor / Wage Opportunity, and (h) Marketing. These seven areas are the building blocks that A4K has identified in order to construct healthier lives and better communities.